Local Site Operator (LSO) Service

What are Local Site Operator Services?

ET’s Local Site Operator service builds upon the on-site management and maintenance of your air monitoring systems under a standard service contract. With the LSO option, our regional based service engineer will perform routine checks including calibration checks, filter changes and site housekeeping to ensure optimal functionality and compliance at a designated location where you may lack in-house resources, expertise or time.

LSO services help to keep your air monitoring equipment in good working order, ensuring minimal data loss.

Key Benefits of Local Site Operation

Local site operation for air monitoring systems offers key benefits that contribute to effective management and performance of your systems. 

The key benefits include:

  • Peace of mind: knowing qualified and experienced service engineers are taking care of your equipment.
  • Preventative maintenance: reduce the risk of system failures 
  • Cost efficiency: optimise resource utilisation and prevent unnecessary expense
  • On-site expertise: immediate access to professionals with expertise in air quality monitoring systems
  • Data accuracy and integrity: regular checks and calibrations contribute to high quality data

What to expect with ET’s Local Site Operator Service?

You can expect a comprehensive set of activities aimed at ensuring the optimal performance of air quality monitoring systems. 

An ET LSO visit may include:

Routine equipment checks and inspections

We will conduct a thorough inspection of your air monitoring equipment, which involves visual inspection of sensors, sampling devices and associated components.

Routine maintenance

Routine basic maintenance tasks normally undertaken by customers, will be performed, including cleaning, calibration checking, and adjustments to maintain accuracy

Filter changes

If necessary, we will replace filters in dust and gas monitoring analysers, crucial for continued reliability of equipment. 

Communications checking

We will perform communication checks before leaving the site to ensure the instruments are put back into service and that data is flowing once again and that the site can be contacted remotely.

Client Interaction

If necessary, our engineers will engage with you to discuss the monitoring system performance, address any concerns and suggest any recommendations. 

They will also ensure a service engineer report is sent to you in a timely manner for your records.

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