Sintrol DUMO Ambient Air Dust Monitor

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Sintrol DUMO Ambient Air Dust Monitor

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A continuous dust monitor that helps protect workers against particulate exposure and explosions caused by dust

  • Fast response time for immediate detection
  • ATEX rated version available
  • Low maintenance, real-time monitoring
  • Beacon alarms to ensure protection of workers
  • Multiple comms options allowing site systems integration
  • Suitable for harsh environments needed in high dust applications

How it works

Combustible dust and particulate exposure are both major threats in the workplace, and the Dumo provides a great solution for detecting and monitoring these.

The Dumo monitors fugitive dust and particulate matter (PM) in ambient air using inductive electrification, a technology that Sintrol has been involved with since 1993. The device will detect particulates, including fine particles as small as 0.3 microns while still measuring concentrations up to 6 g/m3. This makes the Dumo ideal for use within industrial and processing applications where optical systems are often not suitable. Use examples include:

  • Early detection, and subsequent warning of a combustible dust atmosphere
  • Identification of leaks and monitoring for process optimisation
  • Protecting workers against particulate exposure
  • Ensuring adherence to health and safety regulations

When high dust particle levels are detected by the instrument, an optional alarm can be triggered to notify operating personnel or automatically shut-off certain equipment, ensuring that your worker safety is paramount.

The Dumo can be installed anywhere in your production process where the determination of the dust levels is critical or informative.

Installation is simple with several calibration methods to choose from and 4 – 20 mA output as standard to enable integration with existing site systems. The Dumo is also available in an ATEX certified configuration approved for installation in EX zones 21, 22, 1 and 2.


  • Early detection of dust leaks
  • Workplace dust level monitoring
  • Equipment and worker protection
  • Supervision of hazardous locations
  • Help mitigate the risk of dust explosions
  • Help control unwanted dust accumulation
  • Internal self-check to assure the validity of measurement


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