Scentroid DR1000 Flying Laboratory


Scentroid DR1000 Flying Laboratory


A fully capable flying laboratory, used to sample and analyse ambient air at heights of up to 150 metres above ground

How it works

Air quality mapping, model verification, and analysis of potentially dangerous sites are all made possible by this novel innovation.

It can provide continuous monitoring of multiple chemicals. While in flight, five built-in chemical sensors can provide remote monitoring of chemicals selected at the time of ordering. Chemical monitoring can be provided for H₂S, CH₄, CO₂, SO₂, VOCs, and close to 30 other selected chemicals. Sensor readings along with GPS position and altitude can provide 3D mapping of ambient pollution and odour levels. This feature can also be used to guide the operator into a plume for bag sampling.

It is often necessary to sample stacks, ponds, and other locations where human access is difficult and /or dangerous. Furthermore, operator exposure to dangerous chemicals during sampling must be carefully considered. The Scentroid DR1000 flying laboratory allows the operator to stay safely away from potentially hazardous sources while acquiring live readings or air samples for laboratory analysis. The DR1000 can also analyse and sample ambient air at an elevation of up to 150 metres above ground level that was previously impossible to accomplish.

Note: Drone is NOT included with this product.


  • Fugitive emission
  • Flare emission
  • Leak detection along oil pipelines
  • Landfill methane
  • Odour emission


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