JCT JES-301L Gas Sampling Probe


JCT JES-301L Gas Sampling Probe


A versatile heated gas sampling probe that reliably removes dust particles from sample gas to stop heated lines becoming blocked

  • Convenient filter replacement – easy, tool-free filter element change.
  • Homogenous heating without cold spots to stop condensational problems such as blocking lines and loss of water-soluble gas components

The JCT JES-301L Gas Sampling Probe is a reliable and versatile solution for obtaining accurate gas samples in various applications. Built with durability and precision, it is easy to install, requires low maintenance, and is compatible with a range of gases.

The JES-301L can enhance your gas analysis capabilities and provide consistent results.


  • Representative continuous gas sampling in processes containing dust and humidity
  • Extractive gas analysis
  • Emission (CEMS) and process monitoring
  • Removal of dust from the sample gas


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