ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA431-TIWA Triple Isotopic Water Analyser


ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA431-TIWA Triple Isotopic Water Analyser


A fast and accurate analyser for measurement of δ²H, δ¹⁸O, δ¹⁷O, ¹⁷O-excess and d-excess in water vapour

  • Unsurpassed precision and unmatched accuracy
  • Simple to operate - no need for factory return for service
  • High precision and unmatched accuracy
  • Easy switch between high throughput and high performance mode – no extra hardware required
  • Compatible with “LIMS for Lasers”
  • High-resolution absorption spectra are viewable continuously for real-time diagnostics
  • Post-Analysis Software simplifies analysis and enables highest performance
  • Spectral Contamination Identification

How it works

The LGR-ICOS™ GLA431-TIWA Triple Isotopic Water Analyser provides measurements of δ²H, δ¹⁸O, δ¹⁷O, ¹⁷O-excess and d-excess in water vapour (in vapour mode) or liquid water (in liquid water mode), offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. The GLA431 series incorporates proprietary thermal control for ultra-stable measurements with unsurpassed precision, accuracy, and drift, as corroborated by validation studies conducted by leading laboratories worldwide.

The LGR-ICOS gas analysers build on the heritage and proven track record of Los Gatos Research analysers, incorporating patented Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) Technology. This is the latest advancement in tuneable diode laser absorption technology.

Fast, high-frequency isotopic water measurements provide detailed time-resolved information on the eco-physiological performance of plants and enable improved understanding of water fluxes and evapotranspiration at ecosystem scales. These applications need rapid measurements with high accuracy and precision over a wide range of water-vapour mole fractions and the GLA431-TIWA is ideal for this.

Patented OA-ICOS technology from ABB, constituting a fourth-generation cavity-enhanced absorption technique, offers advantages over conventional methods such as delicate cavity ringdown spectroscopy and direct absorption techniques. OA-ICOS analysers are characterised by their simplicity, ease of operation, and ruggedness, resulting in heightened performance and reliability with minimal operational overhead.

Equipped with the recommended optional autoinjector  feature, the GLA431-TIWA analyser is capable of unattended operation, incorporating automated injection of liquid samples to streamline workflows and enhance operational efficiency.

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