ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA133-GGA UAV-Microportable Greenhouse Gas Analyser


ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA133-GGA UAV-Microportable Greenhouse Gas Analyser


A sensitive and compact analyser for fast measurement of methane, carbon dioxide, and water vapour emissions, featuring a secondary laser tailored for enhanced CO₂ measurements

  • Dual-laser technology for enhanced CO₂ measurement
  • Lightweight: less than 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Continuous measurements
  • Data reported up to 10 Hz with high sensitivity
  • Ideal for flux and emissions mapping over large and/or otherwise hard-to-access areas
  • No cross interferences
  • Operates directly on UAV batteries
  • Fast gas flow response time
  • Records data within 20 seconds after power on
  • Multiple data outputs and wireless connectivity

How it works

The GLA133-GGA UAV-Microportable Greenhouse Gas Analyser is a highly sensitive, fast and compact analyser equipped with dual laser technology. In ordinary operation while one laser is used to measure methane (CH₄) and water vapour (H₂O), the second laser is specifically dedicated to enhanced CO₂ measurements. This dual- laser configuration enhanced the precision and sensitivity of CO₂ measurements by utilising a different CO₂ IR absorption peak with a stronger signal-to-noise ratio.

The GLA133 series presents an advanced capability to assess greenhouse gases across diverse environments. The GLA133 series of UAV-microportable gas analysers has been engineered to provide simultaneous measurements of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapour. They are lightweight and compact, designed to be mounted under mid-size unmanned vehicles (UAVs) and require less than 35 watts of power.

The LGR-ICOS gas analysers build on the heritage and proven track record of Los Gatos Research analysers, incorporating patented Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) Technology. This is the latest advancement in tuneable diode laser absorption technology.

As with all the ABB OA-ICOS analysers, the GLA133-GGA is fast and simple to use, which makes it an ideal solution for field studies, compliance monitoring, air quality studies and wherever precise and accurate measurements of greenhouse gases are needed. The GLA133-GGA begins recording data within 20 seconds of powering on, so you don’t need to wait for prolonged warm up periods for the system to thermally equilibrate. 

The GLA133-GGA incorporates ABB’s patented laser-based OA-ICOS technology, distinguished as a fourth-generation cavity-enhanced laser absorption technique, and therefore offers distinct advantages over conventional cavity ringdown spectroscopy and direct absorption techniques. Notably, it offers enhanced user-friendliness and durability, thereby ensuring superior performance and reliability while minimising operational expenses.

The Microportable Greenhouse Gas Analyser has an internal computer that can store measurement data, system health diagnostics, and UAV peripheral data practically indefinitely on an SD card. It will send real-time data to a tablet, smartphone or other Wi-Fi device. Additionally, the analyser includes control and analysis software to ensure seamless integration with UAV operations.


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