ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA131-MEA Microportable Thermogenic Gas Analyser


ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA131-MEA Microportable Thermogenic Gas Analyser


A sensitive, fast and compact analyser for measurement of CH₄, C₂H₆ and H₂O

  • Lightweight: 6.1 kg with battery (included)
  • Provides continuous measurements
  • Data measured at up to 10 Hz (once every 0.1 s)
  • Ideal for discrete measurement of natural gas emissions
  • Extremely wide linear CH₄ range, up to 1%
  • Eliminates cross interferences
  • Battery-operated
  • Fast gas flow response time
  • Records data within 20 seconds after power on
  • Multiple data outputs and internet connectivity

How it works

The GLA131-MEA Microportable Thermogenic Gas Analyser is designed to simultaneously measure methane (CH₄) and ethane (C₂H₆) within a compact, crushproof and highly portable package. Its small size allows it to be hand-carried, even on aircraft, and as it requires less than 35 Watts, the GLA131-MEA facilitates measurements of thermogenic gas in diverse environments.

The LGR-ICOS gas analysers build on the heritage and proven track record of Los Gatos Research analysers, incorporating patented Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) Technology. This is the latest advancement in tuneable diode laser absorption technology.

As with all OA-ICOS analysers, the GLA131-MEA offers fast and straightforward to operate, making it suitable for field studies, compliance monitoring, air quality studies and soil flux studies, and any scenario where sensitive measurements of greenhouse gases are required.

The GLA131-MEA starts recording data within 20 seconds of powering on, which eliminates the need for long warm-up periods to reach thermal equilibrium. Patented OA-ICOS technology from ABB, a fourth-generation cavity-enhanced absorption technique, has many advantages over older, delicate cavity ringdown spectroscopy and direct absorption techniques. It provides easier operation and robustness with reliability at a reduced cost.

The GLA131-MEA analyser is equipped with an internal computer and can store data indefinitely on an SD card and transmit real-time data to a tablet, smartphone, or other WiFi enabled device. The analyser also features control and analysis software for comprehensive data management.


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