ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA132-LWIA Ultraportable Liquid Water Isotopic Analyser


ABB LGR-ICOS™ GLA132-LWIA Ultraportable Liquid Water Isotopic Analyser


A fast and accurate analyser for measurement of δ²H and δ¹⁸O in liquid water – anywhere

  • Portable and rugged case for ease-of-use everywhere - proven in the field
  • 90 unknowns per day
  • High precision and unmatched accuracy
  • Simple to operate - no need for factory return for service
  • Easy switch between high throughput and high-performance mode – no extra hardware required
  • Compatible with “LIMS for Lasers”
  • High-resolution absorption spectra are viewable continuously for real-time diagnostics
  • Post-Analysis Software simplifies, analyses and enables high-performance
  • Operates directly on DC power

How it works

The LGR-ICOS™ GLA132-LWIA Ultraportable Liquid Water Isotopic Analyser offers precise and rapid measurements of δ²H and δ¹⁷O of water in liquid form, housed within a compact and crushproof portable device, compliant with TSA regulations for size, facilitating transportation to various locations.

The LGR-ICOS gas analysers build on the heritage and proven track record of Los Gatos Research analysers, incorporating patented Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) Technology. This is the latest advancement in turnable diode laser absorption technology.

ABB’s ultraportable instruments work across diverse domains including research, scientific investigations, governmental agencies, and intergovernmental organisations across all continents. Now, measurements are achieved at an unparalleled speed; under typical operating conditions (6 injections per sample), this equates to 90 unknowns and 30 reference samples per day.

Its user-friendly interface, portability, durability, and high throughput make it the best choice for ensuring reliable and high-performance measurements of freshly collected samples in outdoor settings. The GLA132-LWIA is ideal for hydrological, analytical, and biological applications that require field measurements of freshwater, seawater, and other liquid substances. 

Employing ABB’s patented OA-ICOS technology, a fourth-generation cavity-enhanced absorption technique, provides many advantages over conventional cavity ringdown spectroscopy and direct absorption techniques. OA-ICOS analysers offer simplified operation, enhanced ruggedness, and heightened reliability, ensuring optimal performance with minimal operational cost.

The GLA32-LWIA features an internal computer capable of storing data, almost indefinitely, on its internal hard drive. This is ideal for applications that require unattended, longer-term operation. It also sends real-time data to a data logger through analog and digital (RS232) outputs.


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