Synspec GC955 810 Mercaptan Analyser

Synspec GC955 810 Mercaptan Analyser

A highly accurate analyser for measuring Sulfur compounds in the ambient air

  • Comprehensive detection capability, including mercaptans (thiols) and sulfides
  • Unique column configuration to minimise interference and provide precise analysis
  • User-friendly software interface for easy data interpretation and storage
  • Versatile data transfer options

How it works

The Synspec GC955 810 gas chromatograph is specifically designed for the precise measurement of sulfur compounds in ambient air. Many sulfur compounds are toxic and the smell of sulfur components is a problematic issue at many industrial sites. 

The analyser detects two prominent groups of sulfur compounds, mercaptans and sulfides, but additional compounds such as benzene can also be added. 

  • Mercaptans include: methylmercaptan, ethylmercaptan, propylmercaptan, butylmercaptan (also named thiols); 
  • Sulfides and disulfides include: hydrogensulfide, carbondisulfide, diethylsulfide, dimethyldisulfide (DMDS), dimethylsulfide (DMS), etc

The GC955 810 analyser is a gas chromatograph with an integrated cooled preconcentration system. enabling the concentration and subsequent separation of sulfur components and other hydrocarbons on specially optimised columns to minimise interference. The instrument can reliably identify and quantify up to 40 peaks.

A standard industrial PC with Windows embedded is used in the analyser and the user-friendly software stores all the chromatograms on the hard disk and data can be interpreted easily with this intuitive software. Data transfer options include network and modem connections, complemented by analog and digital output interfaces for seamless integration with diverse data logging systems employing multiple protocols.


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