Synspec GC955 611/811 Ozone Precursor Analyser

Synspec GC955 611/811 Ozone Precursor Analyser

An analyser for measurement of hydrocarbon ozone precursors in ambient air

  • Continuous monitoring of ozone precursors in ambient air
  • Measure up to 80 different components
  • Precise analysis using photoionisation and flame ionisation detectors
  • Integrated pre-concentration system for enhanced detection sensitivity
  • Adjustable measurement cycles for customised monitoring intervals

How it works

The Synspec GC 966 series 611/811 uses a combination of two gas analysers for online continuous monitoring of ozone precursors in ambient air. The combination of the two can measure up to 80 components. 

For hydrocarbons with higher boiling points (BP range > 50 oC ), a trap with a low memory effect and a column, suitable for separating species present in this BP range, are used. For the low boiling hydrocarbons, a cooled trap and a column that is dedicated to separate the low boiling hydrocarbons, are used.

The GC 955 811 is specifically designed for the measurement of hydrocarbons from C2 up to C5, predominantly emitted by the petrochemical industry either through refineries, evaporation during transport or incomplete combustion. These compounds, including propane, butane, ethene, and isporene, have diverse applications from industrial processes to household cooking. However, they do pose health risks and serve as significant ozone precursors (which is the main reason for monitoring).

The GC 955 811 is a gas chromatograph with a built-in cooled pre-concentration system and uses both photo ionization and flame ionisation detectors for high sensitivity and precise analysis. Hydrocarbons are concentrated on cooled trap inside the system, unsaturated hydrocarbons are detected by PID and unsaturated by FID, making identification simple. Operating with a detection limit of <0.1ppb up to concentrations exceeding 30 ppb, this analyser offer flexibility with adjustable measurement cycles. . Sample humidity must be controlled preferably by using the Synspec SCU sample conditioning unit

The GC 955 611 measures hydrocarbons from C6 up to C12, primarily sourced from fossil fuels with benzene being the sole carcinogenic compound in its monitored list. The 611 has similar functionality to its 811 counterpart, using photoionisation detection for high sensitivity with optional flame ionisation detection as a second detector. 

Both analysers include robust features such as customisable measurement cycles, integrated pre-concentration systems, and compatibility with Windows Embedded PCs for seamless data management. They offer various output options for data transfer and communication with other systems. 

Maintenance requirements are minimal, with recommended annual preventive maintenance and automatic calibration/validation features for ensuring data accuracy.


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