Synspec Delta 100 and Delta 300 Analysers

Synspec Delta 100 and Delta 300 Analysers

Analysers to monitor single toxic hydrocarbons for industrial applications

  • Specifically engineered for industrial applications
  • Customisable based on specific requirements of the application
  • Compact (19 inch), mountable design
  • Automated continuous measurement
  • User-friendly, intuitive software
  • CE approval for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) conformity
  • Ideal for range of applications including worker safety, emission measurements and process control
  • Optional preconcentration unit available for ultra-low concentration measurements

How it works

Synspec Delta 100 and Delta 300 analysers are gas chromatographs (GCs) designed specifically for industrial applications to ensure worker safety and emissions and process control. Our experienced team will customise each unit with the appropriate detector, columns, sample collection system, and application software depending on your specific component and its concentration measurement requirements. 

Equipped with an automated system, Delta 100 and Delta 300 gas analysers enable continuous measurement of a single requested component, facilitated by a simple, user-friendly software that can communicate with external data loggers using standard industrial protocols. They also hold CE approval for EMC conformity.

The gas sample is pumped in a loop and is then injected over the valve into a column, allowing single hydrocarbons to pass on to the detector. The loop size is adapted to the concentration range specified by the customer. For ultra-low concentrations, a preconcentration unit can be integrated and all higher boiling hydrocarbons will be backflushed which means that the system will auto-clean and that a short cycle time is possible. 

Tailored to the specific hydrocarbon to be monitored, the analysers operational parameters including column, flow, temperature, and backflush settings are calibrated. Gas chromatographic separation and this minimises misidentifications and false alarms.

Increasingly stringent regulations from environmental and industrial safety authorities require very strict monitoring of carcinogenic and toxic hydrocarbons. Therefore, low ppm to ppb measurements for indoor and low ppb measurements for outdoor use are obligatory.


Synspec has years of experience in developing monitors for measuring of hydrocarbons for industrial safety. The Synspec Delta series of analysers is ideal for monitoring hydrocarbons for industrial safety and emissions applications, including:

  • Worker (and neighbour) safety; 
  • Emission measurements; 
  • Process control

The Synspec Delta software has been deliberately designed for industrial safety monitoring and offers customisation for each Delta Gas Chromatograph to suit your application requirements. The automated system delivers continuous measurements of the required components, supported by simple software, automated time weighted-averages and interfacing with external dataloggers via standard industrial protocols.

The Delta 100 and 300 analysers are compact 19-inch mountable Gas Chromatographs. They contain all the essential elements: computer, sampling unit, backflush valve, separation column in special small oven unit and detector. The detector can be FID, TCD or PID, depending on the application. 

The Delta 100 and 300 analysers offer a streamlined solution for single hydrocarbon measurement, while the Synspec GC955 extends capabilities to measuring multiple hydrocarbons simultaneously.


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