Graywolf Advanced Environmental Probes


Graywolf Advanced Environmental Probes


A high performance, fast response IAQ measurement of key specific pollutants along with particulate, ventilation rates (CO₂ and airflow), and differential pressure (DP)

  • Up to eight (8) sensors per probe; %RH, temperature plus up to six gas sensors
  • Connect one or multiple probes simultaneously
  • Sensors are plug-and-play, easily swapped by the user
  • Connect to GrayWolf AdvancedSense meters or to Windows tablets/laptops; via cable or Bluetooth wireless
  • Optional Wi-Fi built into the probe

How it works

The DirectSense II Advanced Environmental Probes allow you to measure key specific pollutants as well as Particulate, Ventilation Rates (CO₂ and Airflow), Pollutant Pathways (DP) and more.

Smart IAQ and Toxic Gas Probes now Connect Directly to Smartphones GrayWolf’s DirectSense® II probes will now connect via Bluetooth LE wireless to Apple and Android devices. Our highly reliable, adaptable DSII probes for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Toxic Gas testing/monitoring will imminently have Apps for iOS and Android operating systems available (free) on the Apple and Google App stores. Use your smartphone or tablet as a multi-parameter display, data-logger and far more.

High performance, fast response instrumentation optimized for portable and long-term IAQ testing.


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