29th January 2017

Enviro Technology become distributor for Scentroid products in UK and Ireland

Duncan Mounsor Managing Director

ET is pleased to announce that we have added three highly innovative products from Scentroid to our extensive range.

The Scentinal SL50 Compact Air Quality and Odour Monitoring Station provides ambient odour emission monitoring based on high-accuracy (ppb level) detection of odorous gases such as H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, SO, and more. Other chemical compounds can be monitored by adding additional optional modules.

The system will allow up to 20 sensors to be incorporated into one Scentinal Package.

Benefits of the Scentinal:

  • Monitor numerous air contaminants simultaneously.
  • Monitor more than 60 Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • Monitor the particles PM1, PM5, and PM10.
  • Monitor total odour levels.
  • Create alarms and notifications.
  • Monitor the efficiency and functionality of odour mitigation equipment.
  • Monitor process emissions.

One of the more portable solutions in our new product range is the Pollutracker TR8+.

This is a complete air quality mobile laboratory that allows the user to measure hundreds of chemicals using up to 10 sensors and analysers including Photo-Ionization Detectors (PID) sensors, Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensors, Electrochemical and Metal Oxide sensors. Pollutracker includes a built-in 10-inch touchscreen interface, on-device data logging and wireless transfer via email, a remote (internet-based) firmware update, a built-in sampling pump, simultaneous data analysis of all gases, a built-in rechargeable battery, an on-screen calibration procedure, and an external decontamination device.

The Pollutracker is able to:

  • Measure ambient H2S, Ammonia, total VOC, and other chemical concentrations.
  • Determine H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and other chemical emissions from various types of sources.
  • Determine emission trends through 24-hour data logging.
  • Verify the sample loss due to transportation.
  • Validate dispersion models through emission measurements.

The third product in the new range is a drone-based technology called the DR1000.

This fully capable flying laboratory can be used to sample and analyse ambient air at heights of up to 150 metres above ground. Air quality mapping, model verification, and analysis of potentially dangerous sites are all made possible by this novel innovation.

It can provide continuous monitoring of multiple chemicals. While in flight, five built-in chemical sensors can provide remote monitoring of the chemicals selected. Sensor readings, along with GPS position and altitude, can provide 3D mapping of ambient pollution and odour levels. This feature can also be used to guide the operator into a plume for bag sampling.

With the DR1000 sampling, the drone operator can stay safely away from hazardous sources while acquiring environmental samples.

Chemical monitoring can be provided for H2S, CH4, CO2, SO2, VOCs, and above 30 other selected chemicals. Please contact ET for the full list.

Please note: The drone is not included with the DR1000.

For further details on any of the products mentioned, please contact ET at 01453 733200 or email us.

Elevating our expertise through focused training

20th February 2024

Our service engineers Russell Cook, Kevin Phillips, Alexander Uy, and UK Sales Manager for Scientific Applications Lewis John recently completed specialised training at GRIMM's factory in Germany.

Lewis John UK Sales Manager - Scientific Applications

ET's Greenhouse Gas Analyser featured on BBC's Countryfile

9th February 2024

The episode shows Chris Field from The Manchester Metropolitan University making CH4/CO2 measurements with one of the University’s two ABB-LGR GLA132-GGA Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analysers.

Duncan Mounsor Managing Director

Our product offering is expanding

1st February 2024

ET will now be offering an array of additional products, including; particulate probes, gas sampling probes, and industrial ambient monitoring and will now stock products by suppliers Sintrol and JCT.

Duncan Mounsor Managing Director